Our Mission

Herbal ZAP’s mission is to provide effective, easy to use, sustainably sourced Ayurvedic products that support the health and healing of our customers.


Our Core Values

  • Provide sustainably and ethically produced Ayurvedic products that are effective, easy to use and accessibly packaged.
  • Support our customers through products and lifestyle education particularly regarding Ayurveda and the importance of sustainable farming and ethical trade and production of herbal products.
  • Build an business organization that supports team members in personal growth and development and fosters a positive, happy, healthy working environment and lifestyle.
  • Create thick value wealth (value that extends beyond simply financial) for our shareholders from profits and growth in an authentic and sustainable manner.
  • Create lasting partnerships with suppliers that allow us all to grow, contributing to conscious capitalism.
  • Support organizations and communities that are also working to better people and the planet, starting with supporting Guria India that is fighting human trafficking and its underlying causes.